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M. Irfan Coşkun |

1969 yılında Trabzonda’da doğdu. Çaykara İnönü Lisesinden mezun olduktan sonra 1985 yılında girdiği Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesini 1992’de bitirdi. 1993 – 1998 yılları arası Atatürk Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesinde Psikiyatri dalında uzmanlığını yaptı. Mezun olduktan sonra sırasıyla Samsun Çarşamba Gökçeli Sağlık Ocağı, Trabzon Numune Hastası Başhekimliği, Trabzon Imperial Hastanesi Başhekimliği görevlini yapmıştır.

Medical Aesthetic Doctor

Burcu ZABUN |

Born in the year 1975 in Karabük. Elementary school, middle school and high school education was completed in Ankara. Between 1992 and 1999 received Medical Education in Erciyes University Medical Faculty. After graduation, started working in a private clinic specialized in Medical Esthetics in Ankara. The first assignment was to Bakırköy State Hospital. Worked for domestic and international medicine companies for long years as Consultant Doctor. During this period, participated in Ministry of Health approved certificate programs and continues to participate in these programs. She has been actively working in the the medical esthetic field that she had started in 2000 and gave a break to, since 2012

Medical Aesthetic Doctor

Mustafa KADIOGLU |

Born in 1959 in Aksaray. Elementary school, middle school and high school education was completed in Aksaray. Between 1978 to 1984 received Medical Education in Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty. Completed mandatory service in Zonguldak between the years 1984 to 1988. Worked in a private clinic between the years 1988 to 2000. After receiving the Medical Esthetic certificate from the Ministry of Health in 2005, continued working in Hair Transplantation and Treatments with 35 years of Doctor experience.

Operation Team |

Consultant Team & Guest Services |

Prepare your luggage and leave the rest to us

3 Day Program

Airport to Hotel

1. Day

  • After your flight we pick you up with our VIP cars and transfer you to our 5 Star Prince Islands view hotel.

    Hotel to Hospital

    2. Day

    • After a great breakfast we pick you up and bring you to our hospital. Start the process, get the blood test done and start the operation.

      Hotel to Airport

      3. Day

      • On your last day we pick you up for the first wash and control. You are good to go back home after this step.

        Before & After

        Let’s get technical for a second !

        We achieve 100% success rate and natural results with Sapphire assisted FUE Hair Transplant.

        Sapphire FUE, the latest technique used in hair transplantation combined with the use of needle free Comfort-In™ anesthesia system and sapphire handle tech causes neither pain nor visible scars.

        Thanks to the patented needle free Comfort-In™ injectors used at our clinic, local anesthesia is administered in a safe, comfortable and, easy way. This innovation makes the hair transplant procedure painless and anxiety free while significantly reducing infection risk and discomfort.

        Ensuring enhanced hair density and natural hairline, Sapphire FUE method also offers reduced healing time as well as a comfortable and painless recovery process.

        Want to know more?

        Frequently asked questions

        • How can I trust you?
        • Why istanbul ?
        • How far is Istanbul from England ?
        • I am afraid of needles. What can you do for this ?
        • Does hair transplantation take really that short of a time ?
        How can I trust you?

        All our operations are done under doctor supervision.

        Professionals speaking your own language and not call center workers helping you 24/7.

        Your own foreign patient specialist and our doctor keeps track of the recovery period for the whole year

        Why istanbul ?

        Turkey has become the medical capital of Europe with the doctor quality and the investment made in the Medical field. You can get the best quality of service for one third of a price in Istanbul.

        How far is Istanbul from England ?

        Did you know that with a direct flight from England, you can reach Istanbul in only 3.5 hours? It’s similar to going to Devon from London but the final destination will be Istanbul.

        I am afraid of needles. What can you do for this ?

        If your fear is small we can use needless anesthesia (COMFORT-IN). With this device you will have the operation without any needles.

        If your fear is huge, we can do sedation so that you will be asleep during the operation.

        Does hair transplantation take really that short of a time ?

        Yes you can return to your country in only 2 days. You can choose to spend your weekend holiday this way.

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